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Hotel & Self Storage Consulting

Buffalo Hotel Realty, LLC is headquartered in suburban Buffalo, N.Y. The firms principal, Larry Best brings more than 30 years of combined hotel and real estate experience. Our upstate New York location geographically gives our brokers greater ‘on-the-ground' insights. Larry has extensive hotel, real estate and marketing background. Best has a proven track record of successful hotel real estate sales and industry knowledge that augment his positions with his clients.

Before establishing Buffalo Hotel Realty in 2006, Best worked in a variety of hospitality industry segments, including hotel product sales, marketing and design and construction. His extensive background in hotel construction and understanding of hotel operations give his clients - both buyers and sellers-an added dimension in hotel real estate. Buffalo Hotel Realty has established a strong track record. Recent sales comprise mid-market hotels with and without food and beverage, including all industry brands as well as small and large independents.