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Hotel & Self Storage Consulting

Buying or Selling a Self Storage Facility?

Buffalo Hotel-Realty, LLC was quick to realize a few years ago that self storage facilities are very similar in operations and valuation as a hotel. We studied and evaluated the self storage business model extensively and liked it so much that we purchased a facility for ourselves. After a couple of years, we sold the facility for a considerable profit and purchased another.

Self Storage FacilityAs current owners and operators of a self storage store we bring hands on real world logic to operating and buying or selling a facility. Talk to the people who walk in your shoes everyday!

Our Services Include:

  • Existing Facility Valuation for Buy, Sell or Hold Decisions
  • New Facility Projections
  • Renovation Consulting
  • Re-Imaging For the Web World
  • Re-Positioning For the Right Tenants
  • Web and Technology Consulting
  • Financing and Re-Financing
  • Architectural Layouts, Renderings and Budgets
  • Zoning and Planning Board Preparation and Assistance

Contact us for a no obligation valuation or to discuss purchasing that next facility.
Larry Best, CHB
Certified Hotel Broker
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