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Why Give Buffalo Hotel Realty Your Exclusive Listing?

Maximum selling price is just one of many reasons why listing your hotel exclusively with us is a smart decision. We specialize in hotels!

Hotel ImageTo Establish Maximum Selling Price

An exclusive listing with us guarantees the most thorough and professional opinion of value. Utilizing our extensive hotel transaction databases, we can identify up-to-the-minute value and compare it to local, regional and national price trends.

To Seek the Best Price Available In the Market

How a property is marketed plays a key role in the number of offers received and the resulting sales price. Our brokers are trained to analyze hotels and to create innovative marketing strategies, which result in maximum buyer interest and the highest possible offers.

To Gain Insights into Current Market Conditions

Timing plays a critical role in achieving the maximum sales price. We possess thorough market knowledge, backed by experience and our proprietary databases, which assist owners in determining the best time to sell.

To Gain Maximum Exposure, but Not Alert the Staff

Buyers seek out our advertising in the nation's financial and trade publications, where we spend several thousand dollars annually to market our exclusive listings. We know how to show a hotel without alarming the management or employees.

To Reach the Most Qualified Buyers

We maintain an exclusive, pre-qualified list of buyers. The composite list exceeds several thousand active buyers with a high level of trust in the professionalism and expertise. We match the hotel with the most qualified buyer by knowing the property mix in their portfolio.

To Obtain the Highest Sales Price/Return

Creating the right selling strategy helps secure the highest returns. Sellers may want an all-cash settlement or payment extended over a period of time. They may seek immediate top dollar or a tax-free exchange. In any circumstance, we are best qualified to structure the highest financial return available in the marketplace.

To Take Advantage of institutional Asset Expertise

Our brokers are experts in handling all of the unique aspects of the sale of institutional and lender-owned hotel real estate.